Monday, August 28, 2006

US supplied Iran with nuclear capability

How soon we forget. Here's something neither the White House nor the right wing screechosphere will tell you while they're busy making a case for an "October surprise" bombing raid to snare votes in November "neutralize" the alleged impending threat of a nuclear Iran. The only reason Iran even has a nuclear program is we gave them a reactor and ten pounds of weapons grade uranium in the 60s when they were our "allys" instead of the "axis of evil."

Judging from the article, they haven't made much progress in advancing the techology since then. Which is not to say they won't ever, but Jebus, even if they can make a bomb in the next two years, how many can make? One? Two? How many do we have? Hundreds? No offense to those who don't take this view, but you would have to be ill-informed or a coward to consider that a real threat.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's just rich - you'd think that, by now, politicians would have learned not to meddle in the defence affairs of other nations - particularly in terms of giving them weapons. But then - as usual - we'd be giving them too much credit.

Just look at the "historic" agreement between the US and India recently to supply them with resources to create nuclear power. Sure we're on good terms now, but if things go sour a decade or so down the line who is really to blame if they somehow manage to re-purpose the technology.

If we want to show a nation they're a valued ally why not send a fruit basket instead - I'd rather have a rotten mandarin thrown at me than a nuclear warhead...

6:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Libby said...

The US has been meddling since the beginning of time in foreign defense affairs. But until recently we had presidents that understood history instead of preprogramed puppets for the power mongers.

8:10:00 PM  

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