Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Air raids promote terrorism

I hate being put in a position of criticizing Isreal but this is what worries me about their ill-advised aerial assault on Lebanon.
TEHRAN, July 31 — The Israeli onslaught in Lebanon and Hezbollah’s daily victories in the regional public relations war over the conflict threaten to claim a victim in Iran: whatever hope remained of resurrecting the political reform movement. [...]

There are pockets of people who say they want to go to Lebanon and fight for the Islamic cause, and as the fighting spreads, their enthusiasm has grown. The war in Lebanon has also fueled a growing anti-American sentiment, which barely existed on the streets of Tehran before.
The problem in Lebanon, (and Iraq and to some extent Afghanistan at this point), is that our militaries are being commanded by old men who don't understand how to fight a guerilla war. It's interesting to me that so few seem to notice the mightiest armies in the world haven't been able to take out a few thousand zealots, even with ridiculously greater troop numbers and far superior weaponry.

The frightening thing is all these extremist groups have to do is survive to fight another day in order to be considering winning and everything "the West" has done so far in attempting to destroy them, has only made them stronger. That's a great outcome for the war profiteers. For the rest of us, not so much.
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Anonymous lester said...

Israel is no longer feasabile. Jews went there to esacpe persecution, now they are more persecuted there than anywhere in the world. People don't migrate to the US to take bullets for an artificial state. the problem isn't hamas or hezbollah it's israel.

3:33:00 PM  
Anonymous Libby said...

I don't know that you can blame it on any one actor Lester. I hold them all responsible for failing to negotiate as adults. Surely, after 50 years of this, they would realize it's to everyone's interest to set some firm boundaries, that give everyone a home and then honor them. I am so tired of seeing innocent people die because of politicians.

4:02:00 PM  
Anonymous lester said...

libby- i just believe people are so terrified of jews they refuse to look at the situation the way they would look at any other situation.

people are allowed to support israel, but not lebanon. this america. what are we? Why are we scared of 2% of the population?

4:15:00 PM  
Anonymous Libby said...

That's an interesting premise. I don't think of people being terrified of Jews. I love Jews myself. Spent most of life working for or with them. And I love the family culture.

Which is not to say I'm not offended and dismayed to see how many of my fellow citizens are so terrified of Muslims that they're willing to condemn all of them for the acts of the few.

I don't know how people can claim to be Christians and want to kill others. I'm not that religious but I don't remember the Bible teaching hate.

I just wish there was a way to bring peace instead of war to everyone. It's a small planet, but there's still room for all of us to co-exist.

5:07:00 PM  

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