Sunday, July 30, 2006

Kennedy belatedly blasts Roberts and Alito

Ted Kennedy has had an ephiphany. He now says Roberts and Alito pulled a fast one on the Senate during their nomination hearings, concealing their true agendas with evasive answers and further accuses the GOP of perverting the process by insisting the line of questioning be limited to the "personal qualities" of the candidates rather than the record of their previous works. Excuse me for a moment while I bang my head against the wall...

Ted is just figuring this out? Where the hell was he when the whole of Left Blogtopia was pleading for a filibuster? Oh I remember, he was crawling under his desk with his hands over his head, hiding from the "nuclear option." So now he's raising the questions that should have been asked at the time? Too little, too late Mr. Senator. This kind of talk would helped then, now it just looks like sour grapes. And whining about how the GOP co-opted the process when it's too late to do anything about it just reminds the voters how the Democrats wimped out when we needed you to take a stand.

Update: Avedon takes me to task in comments, pointing out that Kennedy did call for a filibuster and her critique is much more on target. But I still say he came in too late and he did too little to stop it.
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Blogger Avedon said...

Wait, that's not fair - he was one of the Dems who was calling for a filibuster. What bitched me off about his article was the "we" aspect of it - it should have been addressed more obviously to the people who fell for it.

9:40:00 PM  
Anonymous Libby said...

Well I clearly dashed that off in a rush and never got back to proofread it. That's a hell of run-on sentence at the end. Maybe I was a little unfair. So he wasn't hiding under the desk, but neither was he pulling anyone out from under theirs. And he came in too late and did too little to stop it as far as I'm concerned.

I just got around to reading your response to it, which was of course much more on target. It was the "we" schtick that got me going as well though.

10:39:00 PM  

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