Monday, April 17, 2006

Spring cleaning in the White House

New White House chief of staff Josh Bolten pretty much called for volunteers to walk the plank. He's coming out of the gate clamoring for a substantial shakeup but it looks largely cosmetic.

There's much speculation that Scottie will go. Snow we've expected for a while already. Congressional liason Candida Wolff will likely move on. If I were Bolten, I'd get rid of Chertoff too. That guy really creeps me out. But the chief thugs aren't going anywhere.

Rove may have mastered the art of invisibility lately but he's not losing his office address. Rummy is still in like Flynn, Bartlett and Hadley will still have the president's ear and Cheney no doubt will be quietly snarling in those shadowy places where the undead lurk while they're waiting for the dark to fall.
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Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

Shifting the shit piles. That's good. Move some of them down wind...

9:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Libby said...

I think it's time to compost them Neil. Unless you bury them, they still stink when the wind shifts.

9:49:00 AM  

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