Saturday, April 15, 2006

Small world and shrinking fast

My sister sent me this link that I haven't seen a long while. It's a good reminder in these days of heated rhetoric over immigration and religion that well fed white Christians are not the majority of the world's population, even though they often claim to be. And why world politics matter, because this PNAC crowd, seriously want to take over the world.

They're getting ready to bomb Iran and Latin America is ready to blow. Here's how the economic hit men work there. Doctors in Guatemala can't get raises because President Bolanos has commitments with the IMF. Meaning they have the final word since they loaned them money or whatever.

Meanwhile Guatemala is falling apart. There were 40 murders during the five opening days of Holy Week. The country is seething with discontent. Police are threatening to crack down on farmer demonstrations being planned for shortly after the Easter holiday after the government failed to address their nine point demand.
Solution to some 100 land conflicts, cancellation of the debt for thousands of farmer families, cease of violent evictions, access to development programs, and the end of mining concessions to foreign entities are among those demands.
As I said on LOS earlier today, the convential wisdom is to blame Chavez and Castro for fomenting an anti-US climate in the Latin Americas but the truth is the US and its multinational corporate cronies are doing a fine job of sowing discontent with their own policies. These people are poor, not stupid. They know when they're being exploited.
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Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

Egad. The Banana Republics are fighting back?! Good for them. I think I'll go re-read ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUDE.

6:31:00 AM  
Anonymous Libby said...

The people of the Latin Americas put lazy Americans to shame. They're fighting back while most of America is bending over.

7:23:00 PM  

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