Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Malkin musters personal death squad

The big buzz of Blogtopia today is the Mistress of Venom's irresponsible posting of some protesting college kids' personal contact information. If you haven't been following it, read my post at DetNews for the background.

The main point of the controversy is that Malkin declared a fatwah and unleashed her rabid fans on these kids who proceeded to flood them with actual death threats. I mean these were,"We are trained assassins and we are going to blow your head off" kind of threats. Malkin's response to the kid's pleas for her to remove their contact info was to mock them and repost it. Again and again. Unsurprisingly, but still astonishing, many of her cohorts are defending her self-abosrbed and unethical opportunism, but thankfully, not all.

Don Surber and TexasFred restore my faith in humanity and have not only criticized her but also ritually delinked her blog. Meanwhile, My DD offers some timely advice to the WaPo, suggesting that when they replace their former disaster of conservative blogger, the litmus test should be that no blogger who has deliberately attempted to incite violence against their political opponents be considered.

I sent her an email to writemalkin@gmail.com.

Dear Ms. Malkin: It's irresponsible blogging such as your thoroughly inappropriate fatwah against the young people at SAW that has turned Blogtopia into a cesspool rather than the forum for civilized debate it was meant to be. You should be ashamed of yourself.

How would you feel if those were your children being threatened? Act like an adult and call off your attack dogs please, before someone gets hurt.
How far the mighty right noise machine has fallen since they took down Dan Rather. It says a lot about the paucity of their position now, that they're reduced to getting temp workers at minimum wage jobs fired and threatening college kids.

Ezra Klein feels sorry for Malkin. Me, I feel sorry for the guy who funded Pajama Media. I have to think their potential advertisers might just frown on hate mongering at this level. That guy is never going to see a cent returned on his 7 mil investment.
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Blogger TexasFred said...

I appreciate the link and the kind words...

I seriously doubt any of us effect her standing, some folks just can't see where she did wrong...

In my opinion, the college kids were wrong to put their phone numbers down but as others have said, they may not have known better, Malkin DID know better...

And another person came into my blog and posted a link about FOXNews doing something similar to Tucker Carlson...

Love me or hate me, no one but a scumbag would publish my PERSONAL info on the net...

Malkin was WRONG and i was proud to take her link down, and if you look at my links, I don't have Coulter there either..

I don't like skinny, deformed looking space aliens that try and take human form... Badly... LMAO..

Peace... And again, thanks for the kind words...

2:32:00 AM  
Anonymous Libby said...

Thanks for stopping by Tex. You and Don may not be able to shut down the mighty Ms. Malkin but I admire your courage in standing up to her. And hey, you gained at one leftie reader out of it -- me.

9:04:00 AM  

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