Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hot Buzz Flashes

It's been a long day and I have another early call tomorrow so it's do your own reading.

Michael Winship in an op-ed at BuzzFlash has some enlightening thoughts on truthiness. Best line. "What is important? What you want to be true, or what is true?"

Arianna makes a killer catch of a editorial at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, owned by the Big Daddy of the ultra-right, Richard Mellon Scaife. He's done a 360 and endorsed Murtha's plan for withdrawal. I've been saying for weeks unto months that this is a civil war. Glad to see the mainstream catch on.
"We didn't agree with Jack Murtha in November when he called for an immediate withdrawal of United States forces from Iraq. The timing wasn't right. But times have changed... This is not retreat. This is not cut-and-run. This is a recognition of the reality in Iraq -- one that has evolved into an Iraqi problem that only the Iraqis now can solve."
Look for more mutinys.

Maureen Farrell rocks the house with conspiracy theories that come true. I can't read this tonight, it's too well sourced and I don't have time, but I'll be getting back to this one.

Why does the Pentagon hate soldiers? What kind of lamebrained bureaucracy charges a permanently wounded soldier for body armor lost on the field of battle? This kind of stuff so pisses me off. Where are the Influential PJ Media on these issues? They've got Malkin screeching about brain dead girls and cartoons instead.

Buzz Flash is hot on the case of Al Gonzales not testifying under oath. What's with that crapola? The editorial is spot on - the Dems should have walked out then and there in protest. Between that and Rove browbeating the GOPers, the hearings instantly became a sham.

And don't get me started on Bush's budget proposal. Not to mention Ralphie Reed refuses to withdraw despite demands from his party. I'm telling you, these guys are so arrogant, because they think they have the voting system rigged and they can't lose.
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Blogger No Blood for Hubris said...

Scaife bails? SCAIFE?



And not a moment too soon.

11:43:00 PM  
Anonymous Libby said...

This strikes me as a particularly good sign as well. You know it's bad when these thugs are starting to scare their own people.

7:31:00 AM  

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