Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Diebold shakeup

Something is going on here. Diebold announced a big executive reorganization with Walden W. O'Dell -- the man who promised Ohio to Bush and delivered it -- resigning from the company and its board of directors, effective immediately. They go on to issue a really weird press release based on "forward projections" and then follow it up with a lot list of caveats so they can't be sued for making them. I thought the mention of changing state laws rather revealing.

I can only hope they sense a change in the temperment of the public and foresee the backlash coming against electronic voting. As for O'Dell resigning, it does present the delicious possiblility that he is about to be indicted for election fraud - but I suppose that's but a pipe dream.

Update: It's not a dream. Reading on, I see Brad Blog has the info I missed.

...the filing of a securities fraud class action litigation against the company, O'Dell and other current and former members of their Board of Directors is now imminent. The BRAD BLOG has learned that the case may be filed in Ohio Federal District court as early as today or tomorrow. We will, of course, have more details when that occurs.

And The Impolitic will be waiting for this news. It's been such a good year compared to last for politics. Libby, DeLay, Frist, Ney, Abramoff, Rove still a possibility, etc., etc. How cool would it be to live to see all these thugs get taken down by the karmic kickback?
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Santa Claus is bringing all us good boys and girls lots of goodies this year!

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