Monday, October 31, 2005

Choice cuts

Ed Cone has been kindly providing the money grafs from the pundits sequestered behind the NYT's paywall. Today's bytes are especially delicious.
Krugman ("Ending the Fraudulence") says Bush has been exposed as incompetent and out of touch. "It sometimes seems as if President Bush and Mr. Cheney are Midases in reverse: everything they touch -- from Iraq reconstruction to hurricane relief, from prescription drug coverage to the pursuit of Osama -- turns to crud...

"Pundits may try to resurrect Mr. Bush's reputation, but his cult of personality is dead...So the Bush administration has lost the myths that sustained its mojo, and with them much of its power to do harm. But the nightmare won't be fully over until two things happen.

"First, politicians will have to admit that they were misled. Second, the news media will have to face up to their role in allowing incompetents to pose as leaders and political apparatchiks to pose as patriots."

Herbert ("Smoke Gets in Our Eyes") continues the attack: "Most members of the administration are more artful than Scooter Libby when they send out the smoke that is designed to hide the truth on important matters...The art of Bush-speak is to achieve the effect of a lie without actually getting caught in a lie...This is an insidious way of governing, and the opposite of what the United States should be about."
Some days I wonder how he and Glenn Reynolds ever became friends. Thanks Ed.
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Anonymous KS said...

The Bush adminstration is great at role playing. They pretend to be the good guys, when in reality they're something much darker.

(By the way, I decided to take your advice and try my hand at blogging. Check out "Halloween Horror" on my blog Stone Soup Musings.)

8:08:00 PM  
Anonymous The Impolitic said...

Great start ks. Love it already.

8:38:00 PM  

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