Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Republicans whisper sweet nothings on spending

Republican leaders confronted with an angry conservative base that no longer identifies with the new spendthrift GOP are going to do what they do best - launch a PR campaign. They're going to make the rounds of the right-wing friendly "news" shows to explain what they might do if only those (minority party) Dems would stop obstructing their grand vision and forcing them to throw money at politically sensitive districts. The money quote on this already goes to Tom DeLay from a recent op-ed he penned.
"It is clear that the recent political discussion focusing on the government's spending priorities and overall economic platform in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita has introduced a valuable forum to promote the triumph of our ideas and solutions for government over the crumbling and outdated policies of the Democrat-controlled Congresses of past decades," he wrote.
Right. I guess that would be the triumphant war without end, the solution of deficit spending, an economy that rests on a house of cards with China holding the deck and the crumbling Dem policies that lifted thousands of Americans out of poverty and left Bush with a surplus in the national treasury to squander.

Not to worry though. It will just be the usual empty rhetoric. The GOPers aren't actually going to do anything about policy. Your favorite pork barrel project is as safe as the day it was earmarked.
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