Sunday, August 21, 2005

Wasn't blogging supposed to be fun?

What's up with this blog rules thing? All week long I'm seeing posts about rules. I'm shocked to see Kos now has rules about what topics are allowed to be discussed. I remember when it was free forum for progressive debate. All of sudden it's taken on a disturbing air of DNC approved discussion only.. I just saw a couple of new posts Kos just wrote, that would belie that statement. Maybe I misinterpreted the out of context post I saw on another blog.

Meanwhile Pandagon is in a tiff with LaShawn Barber over her adolescent trackback trick, redirecting his incoming links to Teletubbies. Classical Values wades into the battle to defend Barber's position and her pompous rules, which he posts in full as a public service. Sure cured my insomnia.

I know August is a slow news month, but I kind of don't get the point of this brouhaha. Let them have their silly rules. The Indy Voice has the right idea. On some level, the heavy hitters in the right-wing noise machine are nothing more than high class trolls. When they write deliberately incendiary posts, best to treat it like you would any flame. Ignore it, maybe they'll go away. Responding to their specific insults only gives their message more exposure at the expense of promoting our own.
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Blogger enigma4ever said...

Blogging is Fun..just gotta watch where you go I guess, Don't worry - no rules here and no one asking for them, it does suck though...I saw that a few weeks back over at kos and was stunned....It kind of reminded me of the Sienfeld Nazi Soup episode...kos is soooo good but RULES????...anyways I go visit..but will never comment again over there...come to, I have no rules, except read , think and always speak your mind....
( I have new rant up re. Cindy and "media"- that you might want to check out)...keep the good stuff coming...

1:15:00 AM  
Anonymous The Heretik said...

I said this somewhere before so I am just the laziest blogger in the world echoing myself: How much does free speech cost? Can I put it on my credit card?

12:42:00 PM  

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