Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bush 1999

Iran is next on his list.
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Anonymous KS said...

Something about Scott Ritter's article bothered me since I first read it, but I couldn't put my finger on it - until now. I realized there has been very little news about our terror warning system lately, which is odd when one considers it flashed back and forth between orange and yellow constantly during last year's campaign.
Why is everything quiet on the home front all of a sudden? This could be taken as a sign that the war on terrorism is working and we are safer as a country, but this is highly doubtful. Our borders, airports and chemical facilities are no better protected now than they were a year ago.
Maybe the warning system is quiet because Bush won the election and there's no need to work the public up into a frenzy now? Nah. Bush could certainly use the terror alert system now to help raise his standings in recent polls.
I think the reason is more insidious: Bush and company want to lull the public into a sense of false security and then - WHAM! - some cryptic threat will be divulged that relates to Iran and our safety. The terror warning system will flash red and the marketing of the invasion of Iran will begin.
It might sound crazy, but it certainly fits the M.O. of that bunch. I pray to God I'm wrong -and so is Scott Ritter.

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