Sunday, November 03, 2013

Creepy Chris Christie shouts down constituent - updated

Photo of the day. Chris Christie closes out a rally at Rutgers rally by spit-shouting at a female teacher. Clearly he's channeling his inner Ralph Kramden but without the barest shred of humanity. Meanwhile, I've seen that blank look and frozen smile on another GOP presidential hopeful wife's face.

Jersey Jazzman has the teacher's side of the story. Apparently it takes very little to trigger a tirade from New Jersey's biggest bully. Can't understand how any decent person could vote for this creep. His shameless abuse of his constituents (and his power) should have ended his career years ago.

Update: Kevin Drum thinks Christie's Big Bully schtick won't play well outside of Jersey politics. I was thinking the same. It's one thing to be amused by Gov. Blowhard as a sideshow, but would you want this hothead negotiating with testy and suspicious world leaders who have nuclear weapons? I think not.

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Blogger merlallen said...

I think Kevin's right. That wouldn't play well in WA.

1:14:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

That's what I think too.

9:05:00 AM  

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