Wednesday, October 30, 2013

One dares to call them liars

News you won't see from the Clickbait Corps. BigMedia fears to tread where Brian Beutler dares to go with “Rate shock”: The GOP’s shameful new Obamacare lie. This in particular.
Some people who receive these notices will be pleasantly surprised to find that the most similar new plan offered by their current provider is actually cheaper than their old one. Others will be told that a similar plan will cost more. What they won’t be told, because insurers don’t want to downsell or advertise for their competitors, is that they’re likely to find a different plan available through their state exchange that’s closer to the same price or cheaper. If they can’t find a cheaper one, then there’s a decent chance that federal subsidies will reduce their out-of-pocket costs. It’s only the remainder — and it’s likely to be a small remainder — that genuinely will have no choice but to either pay more money (in some cases significantly more) or pay a fine and go without coverage.
The cancellations are for policies so crappy they don't conform to the bare requirements of meaningful health care coverage as mandated by Obamacare. So people complaining about not being able to "keep their plan" are basically whining they have to pay more to stay with a company that's been ripping them off instead of choosing from the other (far superior) 124 plans available on the exchanges. [Supply your own punchline.]

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