Monday, April 01, 2013

Wherein I praise Lady Gaga for the first time

I appreciate her worth ethic and her originality but I've never cared much for her music. Nonetheless, I'm impressed Lady Gaga turned down $1 million to perform for the RNC. And they pitched hard to get her:
Jennings, whose company is being sued by AAN, was instructed by Meachum to try to make the offer to Lady Gaga more tempting by telling her it would be an event "honoring women who run for public office."

"Also, tell them that $150,000 will go towards a domestic violence shelter," Meachum further instructed Jennings in an effort to make the offer harder for Lady Gaga to refuse.
Granted she doesn't need the money or the exposure. And somewhat insulting that they thought they could trick her with fake feminism. I imagine her telling her handlers, "Fuck those assholes. Tell them no." So not that hard a choice for her but still a good one. It can only help the liberal cause when high profile celebs like Lady Gaga reject the crackpot con agenda.

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