Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fun at the George W Bush library opening

Trick title. These pro-forma ceremonious occasions are never really fun. Though I'll admit, Barbara Bush's remarks in this pre-opening interview were amusing. Even she's had enough of political dynasties. She thinks her Jebby is the best man for the job but should opt out of 2016 anyway. And of course, there's the usual media concern trolling on what it all means to Obama's agenda.

Read that stuff if you're interested. All I have left to say is in pictures. This one is my very favorite of the lot I've seen. That's Daddy Bush in the pink socks. Finding it oddly endearing.

[Charles Dharapak photo via twitter]

This one truly speaks a thousand words that will never be spoken aloud in public.

[Charles Dharapak photo via twitter]

I leave it to you to guess what Babs is thinking at that moment.

Addendum: Charlie's take is always worth reading. Especially this point.
The coverage of the opening of this vast temple to prevarication and ruin is not about bricks and mortar. It's about an attempt by the courtier press to absolve itself of a dereliction of duty that rivaled even that of the president in question... (That dereliction of duty, it should be noted, now and forever, began with the coverage of the 2000 presidential campaign, and the disgraceful performance of the elite political press corps towards Al Gore.)
In some way, this library is more a standing testament to the greatest media fail in history than it is to W's eight year reign of error.

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