Tuesday, February 26, 2013

John Boehner's House of ill dispute

Ever wonder what they do all day in the People's House? Since our hapless House Speaker announced he was done dealing with the dreadful sequester, and with the Republican party's poll numbers in the tank, surely he was conducting the important business of the people. Or not.

Yesterday John Boehner reconvened his chamber after a ten day vacation recess and the only thing they accomplished was renaming a couple of government buildings. Today they managed to pull themselves together enough to establish a national science fair competition. That's pretty much it. The rest was all political theater.

Boehner won't bring anything to the floor unless it can pass with a Republican majority except under the most extreme pressure to perform his duties. The GOP caucus is so fractured this is the only sort of meaningless legislation he can bring forward. Little wonder 62% of the people consider Republicans out of touch with reality. [graphic via]

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Blogger Unknown said...

I sometimes wonder if the GOP "secretly" are rooting for the sequester. They had 18 months and did nothing. Just like they are now.

Democrats aren't that much better either.


11:53:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Nothing secret about the GOP position on the sequester. Their sole interest, despite all the posturing is lowering taxes on the wealthy and destroying social safety net. They don't the balls to do it overtly, so this allows them to destroy the economy without being on record with a vote.

Possible the Dems secretly want it to happen because the political advantage is clearly to them since the public is finally noticing the GOP's tricks. Actually, on some level I think, even though it will be a mess and people will get hurt, it might turn out to be the proverbial "game changer" in the end. So long term it may do some good in repairing the broken system.

10:58:00 AM  

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