Friday, February 08, 2013

Chris Christie's weight is no joke

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I've never found mean jokes that mock appearance or ethnicity funny. I cringe every time I see someone make a fat joke about Chris Christie. But when former White House physician Dr. Connie Mariano expressed concern about Christie's weight, she was making a valid observation about his health, not mocking him.

Christie responded by telling the doctor to shut up and called her a typical hack who just wants five minutes on TV. But that apparently wasn't satisfying enough blowback for NJ's biggest bully. He subsequently called Dr. Mariano and hollered at her personally. She advises it was like his presser, only much louder. Guessing it was much like Christie's encounter with a critic at the ice cream stand at the Jersey shore.

Dr. Mariano is of course perfectly correct about the health concerns. It's no joke that the man is morbidly obese. Heart attack and stroke is a very real possibility. If Christie wants to run for President, his physical health is a genuine consideration, as is his emotional stability. Playing the big tough bully may play well in Jersey, but it's not a style well suited for a President who needs to be a statesman on the national, and even more importantly, the international stage.


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