Thursday, January 03, 2013

Bipartisan comity

And the 113th is off to a blazing start. They're setting the tone for the next two years with this display of grace and harmony. First the Republicans welcome new Democratic Congresspeople:
In releases targeting all of Pelosi’s new colleagues, the National Republican Congressional Committee is welcoming new members “to Washington with his very own official Nancy Pelosi Obedience School Lap Dog Kit.”
A page from their brochure:

But don't get on your high horses Dems, it's bi-partisan. The DCCC has a retort for the new GOPers:

Press releases in their individual districts identify each member as "the newest Tea Party House Republican who will put millionaires ahead of the middle class and dysfunction ahead of progress," according to DCCC communications director Jesse Ferguson.
At least the Democrats are more reality based but no less juvenile. And people wonder why I won't donate to national political committees. Give these people too much money and they waste it on bullshit pissing contests like these.

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