Saturday, December 08, 2012

Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren 2016

I want to shoot myself for mentioning 2016 but I was only half joking when I tweeted that last night. I mean how fun would it be, after years of the fake "Obama is a socialist" spin, to have a real Socialist run? And what's not to love about the way Bernie Sanders talks?
“In a time of disfunctionality in the Senate, and all kinds of absurdity, this probably takes the cake when you filibuster your own” bill, the self-described "democratic socialist" lawmaker told MSNBC's Ed Schultz Friday evening. “The American people want action and it is undemocratic, it is unAmerican when a small minority can deny the majority from going forward.” [...]

“On the other hand, the majority in this country has the right to rule, has the right to make decisions. Obama won a huge victory. We won 25 out of 33 elections in the Senate. We won seats in the House.”
Yes I know he is never going to President, but he is a helluva spokesman for the liberal point of view. I've long thought he never gets the attention, or the affection, he deserves.

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