Monday, November 26, 2012

Fox can't handle the truth

Guessing whoever booked Mr. Ricks on Fox is fired or at least sternly reprimanded for failing to make clear their cardinal rule. No inconvenient truths allowed on air:
Thomas E. Ricks, the veteran defense reporter and author, said he expected his Monday morning appearance on Fox News to last about three minutes. It ended, in fact, after 90 seconds — his last sentence was a description of the network as “a wing of the Republican Party.”

After the interview, a Fox News staffer told Mr. Ricks that he had been rude. [...]

Mr. Ricks said in an e-mail message afterward that he did not think he was being rude. “I thought I was being honest,” he said. “They asked my opinion, and I gave it.”

Silly pundit. Honesty, no matter how politely stated, is simply not done there. It confuses the loyal viewers.

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