Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Romneys are such lovely people

At the debate, Mitt Romney blamed parents for the violent tendencies in their children. Then his son Tag Romney, said he wanted to punch out President Obama. Of course, he was just joking (*wink*). I mean, does this look a family prone to anger?
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And her Ladyship Ann Romney, was just scratching an itch here -- honest.

Gosh, their Lord and Master, Willard Mitt Romney, he never gets mad.

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Not ever. He the epitome of even-tempered.

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Nah. The one you have to worry about is that angry blah guy.

[photo via]

Yeah, the blah guy is the big meanie who so rudely contradicts the word of the Mormon's prodigal son.

To paraphrase a Balloon Juice tag, I can't believe we might lose to these people.

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