Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Photo ops

So tired last night, apparently I saved this as a draft instead of publishing it. So publishing now:

Today was a travel day. I'm back from a few glorious days at the beach. Weather was perfect until this morning. We woke up to gale force winds. Much flying of chairs off the deck. Half the shells the kids collected blew away. It was high tide. The roiling surf was vicious, slapping at the bottom of the stairs to the beach. It was an eventful trip home.

I'm skipping the Mittanic schadenfreude over David Corn's release of the unedited Romney tapes and posting a couple of photo ops I collected while I was enjoying the ocean air. Well except for this Charles Dharapak catch of Romney at the after-release presser.
This one also from Charles Dharapak. Unfit Mitt strikes a classic pose while "inspecting" Air Force airplanes before disaster struck his campaign.

Don't remember how I found this billboard that's somewhere on I-84. I like that this happened.

And a picture my sister took of the quietest sea on our beach outing. Water so calm, the net fisherman pulled way in right in front of the cottage. We saw the whole operation. They caught a fair amount of big fish. I applauded at the end and the kid on the boat waved to me.

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