Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Floor fight at the RNC - Updated

Earlier this morning, Team Romney were hoping to avoid a floor fight about the establishment GOP's powergrab on nomination rules for the next election. For a while this afternoon, it looked like they might have reached a deal with the delegates. Initially the rules committee report was passed with a huge majority within minutes at the start of the convention. But the insurgent wingers aren't going down without a fight.

Moments ago Zeke Miller tweeted: "Now told they have 28 signatures for Rule 16 minority report - enough to force it on the floor.

If you're wondering what the fight's about, I posted the details at DetNews yesterday. It basically comes down to giving the leading candidate veto power over who gets seated at the convention, no matter who got elected during the primary process by the actual rank and file voters. Clearly targeted at the Tea Party and Ron Paul type candidates. Interestingly, when I woke up this morning, my post was bumped down under our new guest bloggers, the very important Michigan delegates to the convention.

And who are the new guest bloggers you ask? Four state level establishment Michigan GOPers. One of which is Mitt Romney's niece. I actually kind of like her. It's her first convention and of course even more exciting for her since it's a family milestone as well. Her posts aren't all that dishy, but she projects a certain "little country girl in the big city" wide-eyed wonder that I find somewhat endearing. As for the rest of them, my thoughts are better left unsaid. If you're curious, scroll down the main blog to get their deets. [graphic shamelessly stolen from Rump Roast]

Update: To no one's surprise, the floor fight failed. Zeke tells me, "According to RNC official, the correct authorities never received a submission of a minority report to the Rules Committee."

Mitt is now the official candidate and so my favorite conspiracy theory can finally rest in peace in the dustbin of history.

Update two: Just in from Zeke. It appears the insurgents won a small victory. The candidate doesn't get veto power after all, but states must bind their delegates themselves so another Ron Paul workaround to gaining more delegates can't happen again. Also, renegade delegates won't be allowed to remain on the floor of the convention to disrupt the veneer of solidarity. So, very small victory indeed.

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