Saturday, August 11, 2012

Every dog has its day

The twitter is telling me Mitt finally had a good day on the campaign trail. Hell the crazy base was so happy he picked Paul Ryan, they hardly noticed when Mitt endorsed the rival to their preferred Tea Party primary pick for governor in Virgina. Not that Mitt didn't quickly walk it back and proclaim an express wish that his friend wins was not actually an endorsement.

In any event, Ryan wowed the crowds at the rallies this afternoon. Reading my tweet stream tells me, Ryan is the new Palin, only with not as good legs and a better vocabulary. And judging from the report of a guy in the crowd shouting, "Obama is a poverty pimp" at every pause in the speeches, Ryan brought the faithful into the fold. In fact, it would appear, just like Palin, they like Ryan better than Rmoney.

Don't think that's escaped the Mittster's notice. This after-rally photo of "papa" Romney on the bus tells me he knows it and he's not really that happy about it. Guess now he knows how McCain felt.

[original photo]

I'm not inclined to rain on their parade today. Let them enjoy their moment basking in the enthusiam of the crowds. Storm clouds on the horizon will arrive soon enough. Willing to guess, Ryan will ultimately go down as the second worst VP pick in recent history.

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