Saturday, July 21, 2012

Make it stop

This sums up where my head is today.

Mass murder renders me useless. I pretty much spent yesterday in stunned disbelief, musing on what a relief it would be to be living on a remote beach on the Caribbean where the internets don't reach. Guess it will pass eventually. [graphic via]

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Blogger rnegron said...


I do not know if I have written on your blog before but this post I had to reply to.

I live in NYC. Have lived here for 20 years. I was here during 911. I had tickets to a Laurie Anderson concert that was scheduled for about two weeks after 911.

To her credit she decided to perform, and during the show she asserterd that she was doing the show because, and I paraphrase 'they wanted to twist our lives, so the best responce is not to let them do so'.

My husband was so shaken by 911that he did not want to go to the concert. I convinced him to go. However during the concert I could not help but wonder...

There were about 3k people in that venue, one truck bomb would do all of us in. That thought distracted me for the first quarter of the show but it gradualy faded away.

To this day that memory comes back to me; but I will continue to live my life as I mean to, not as anyone else means for me to.


1:44:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

New Yorkers are a tough lot. Nothing much shakes them. True though, if we let them change our lives, then the maniacs win.

10:52:00 AM  

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