Saturday, July 28, 2012

Take me to your Mr. Leader

I've been a fan of his work for years but never realized it until I started following Charles Dharapak on the twitter. He delivers the iconic photos every time.

[Larger photo Worth clicking.]

Rmoneybot is looking a little jetlagged again, so anticipating more world tour hiliarity.

Not that we're likely to hear about it if he does stumble over his own tongue again. My twitter feed is full of outraged journos who just found out Rmoney decided to break agreed protocol and is now barring the media from his fundraiser.

And according to what I'm told is the right wing news site in Israel, local media won't get access to his highness either:
Romney is also scheduled to give a foreign policy address in the late afternoon in Jerusalem, but reporters have not been invited to attend the event. Adding to the sense that Israel is a background prop for the Romney campaign is the fact that the press pool for the meeting with President Shimon Peres does not include any members of the Israeli media. Romney will also sit for an ABC interview from Israel.
As David Axelrod put it on twitter, the Mittness Protection Program is fully operational again.

Thinking it's going to be kind of difficult for Mittster to establish his foreign policy creds if the media isn't allowed to report on his events.

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