Monday, July 09, 2012

Romney plans pushback against last month's memes

Here's the most unintentionally hilarious story of the day. Apparently responding to widespread complaints that he isn't being aggressive enough, Team Romney is preparing a "counterattack" to Team Obama's ads pointing out Romney is the King of Outsourcing. Or, offshoring if you prefer. "But today the counterattack with the surrogates is going to begin."

Shorter counterattack: "Am not. You lie."

Am I the only one who has already seen those ads being run by Romney friendly front groups that say exactly that and nothing else? You know the one I mean. It features a clip of Hillary calling Obama a liar in 08. And I swear I heard about the press releases of a few days ago where they already called Obama a liar, without mentioning what particularly they were accusing him of lying about. I guess this is the new part:
To spread the message, the source said, the campaign is going to start circulating a document to press that compiles "presidential falsehoods and exaggerations."
Yeah, that will impress our tragically cynical media, for sure. But it might fool the rubes into thinking Romney is putting up a fight. So there's that.

Meanwhile, where are those tax returns Mittster? [image via]

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