Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mitt's Misery Tour

Spent the better part of the day posting at Balloon Juice and hanging out in the comments. As I said over there, being that I spend most of my time reading politics, when I woke up this morning, I did not expect this to turn out to be such a fun news day. I haven't laughed this hard in weeks.

I imagine you've caught most of the hilarity already but we're going to archive some links here for posterity. One of my favorites of the day has been the Guardian's liveblog where they've been covering the Brits' reaction to Mitt's non-stop gaffefest. And how delicious is it that Mitt's fundraiser with the leading low lifes of England's Banksters is now discounting tickets in an attempt to fill up the seats.
The London blogger Guido Fawkes reports that organizers of a Romney fundraising reception in the city this evening have slashed the original $2,500 ticket price to $1,000 for "a few last minute guests," in an effort to drum up participation.

Fawkes quotes an email from organizers:

Subject: romney dinner…..reduced price for last minute guests has been negotiated

Good news: The Romney dinner in London on Thursday, July 26th is reaching an all time record for a one event fundraiser. In order to get us over the top, we have been allowed to invite a few last minute guests at 10,000 [sic] per ticket vs 25,000 [sic] per ticket.”

We'd like to know the nature of that all-time record for a one-event fundraiser. What's the data pool? Thursday night events featuring at least one internationally competitive heptathlete?

Surely athletes get in free.
And I suppose I should try to find the transcript of Mittster's pre-tour interview. This was the hidden gem there:
As if questioning the enthusiasm of the British public wasn't enough, Romney appeared to go on to denounce the whole of Europe, telling NBC: "We're at a point here where we have two different roads we can go down. One leads to Europe. The other leads to the kind of dynamism and prosperity which has always characterised America."
There's just so much marvelous fail in this tour today, it would take too long to post it all. TPM has a summary of such priceless stuff like Mitt forgetting the name of Labour's Ed Miliband, and calling him "Mr Leader" instead. Mitt announcing he met with M16, the highly secretive intelligence agency in England, which is simply not done, old chap. Mitt using an English euphenism for arse in describing his visit to 10 Downing Street. And Andrew, an ex-pat Brit himself, has yet more and tells us why it matters.

In less than a day, Mitt managed to completely mangle the "special Anglo-Saxon relationship" that his foreign policy advisor claimed just yesterday, only the Romneybot really understood.

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