Saturday, July 21, 2012

I will follow him

It seems Slippery Mitt enjoyed a sudden sharp spike in twitter followers in the last 24 hours. So did the Mittster pay for followers? Damned if I know though the evidence shows the accounts are mostly fake. Hilariously fake in fact. The twitterati are amusing themselves at the hashtag #MoreFakeMitt by pulling out the funniest profiles.

Team Rmoney claims they didn't buy Mitt's fake followers. I tend to believe them. The fake surge was painfully obvious. It's an epic bot infiltration. They were asking to be caught. I doubt his internet unit engineered this little fiasco.

So the question is, who would? There's a dozen delicious conspiracy theories lurking in that answer. I imagine we're hours away from a Breitbarblarian headline screaming sabotage by teh left.

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