Saturday, July 07, 2012

GOP rigs the game with Voter ID

The Republican party has nothing to run on. They know they can't win unless they lie and cheat. Of course, they have no problem with lying and cheating. Hell, it's effectively their credo. And thanks to the GOP coup of 2010, which allowed them to not only take over the House, but also a large number of statehouses, they have the best scam ever. Voter ID laws.

As it turns out, one of the worst voter suppression laws is in PA, which I'm sure I don't need to remind you is a swing state.
The estimated 750,000 voters who do not have state-issued IDs in Pennsylvania surpasses President Obama’s margin of victory in 2008. Many of the voters without ID are in poor and minority communities — typically blocs that vote Democratic. Democrats’ worst fears appeared to be confirmed when the Republican leader of the state House, who helped shepherd the legislation onto the books, recently boasted that it will “allow” Mitt Romney to win the Keystone State.
The requirements to get an ID are so convoluted my eyes glazed over just reading them. But if you're a resident, or especially a student, in Pennsylvania, Kay at Balloon Juice, who is my ultimate authority on state voting laws, has read the new law. It's designed to steal your rights at the ballot box.

Kay has advice on how to navigate the PA Voter ID process. If you live there, read it and protect your vote.

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