Thursday, June 07, 2012

Wisconsin changes nothing

Good grief. Peggy Noonan wins the inane analysis award with today's column. Wisconsin didn't change everything. There's no huge message in Walker winning the recall by essentially the same margin with which he won the office in the first place. Labor has been steadily and successfully undermined by the GOP over decades. Also, little mentioned and ignored by Peggy, it looks like the voters also gave control of the Senate back to the Democrats. So no mandate for Walker at all really. Nothing new and startling happened here.

In the heat of the moment, among activists, cons will gloat and liberals will mope. The vast majority of the electorate is much more concerned about the outcome of American Idol or their local sports competition than this race. Nobody is going to change their presidential preference because of Scott Walker. Five months from now, few outside of Wisconsin will even remember this recall happened.

Well -- unless Walker gets indicted for his prior frauds on the electorate.

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