Sunday, June 03, 2012

If not Obama, then who?

TBogg ventures into the trenches in search of answers:
Last night I got into another one of my distressingly more frequent commenter flame wars with that Very Special Faction of FDL commenters who are horribly disappointed in Barack Obama because he is, as one commenter pointed out, exactly the same (or possibly worse) than both George W. Bush AND Willard Mitt Romney. After pointing out that anyone expressing said sentiment is, how did I put it? oh, yes : “a fucking idiot” it was explained to me by said cohort of Very Special FDL commenters that I was a Obamabot and a corporate shill and a slew of other epithets which in any other circumstances might be considered mortally wounding if they weren’t so adorably dumb.

I then requested a simple answer to a simple question:

If you think you can explain why Mitt Romney is going to be a better President for everyone than Obama, then spit it out.
He got well over 200 responses, which he distilled in a subsequent post. The seminal answer being, Obama is a sleeper agent for the GOP and every single Democrat in office is too. So TBogg responds:
The only question is why Republicans are putting up such a fight since they will get their way no matter what.

So Romney/Ryan/Christie/Rubio/Generic White Midwestener /John Bolton/Robert Bork 2012. Or Obama/Biden 2012.

Same diff…
Except it isn't. We're 5 months away from a presidential election. Only those two choices count. Having lived in Massachussetts under Governor Romney, I've made my choice. Believe me when I tell you nothing Obama does or doesn't do could be worse than Willard.

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