Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ask me no more questions, tell me no more lies

Well, campaign season just officially opened for me. Failed presidental contender and sporadic co-blogger Congressman Thad McCotter is posting to my blog. And when I say my blog, I mean the blog I virtually built at Detroit News, but don't own in any way. Nonetheless, when I started eight years ago, it was the only blog on the site and at this point -- I've been there much longer than most of the people who are now in charge. But I digress...

Thad posted about his Codel to Taiwan. An interesting and well written post actually, but nonetheless, irritated me because his long history of deficit alarmism is still ringing in my ears. So I commented:
I'm wondering why an in person meeting was necessary. This is 2012. Video teleconferencing is widely available. What with the Congressman's great concern about our deficit, would love to know how much this little junket cost the taxpayers.
Not expecting an answer. Half expecting to get deleted for daring to ask the question.

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