Friday, February 24, 2012

Tripping the gay fantastic

Kind of a good news, bad news day for equal rights today. Maryland passed their bill allowing same-sex marriage. The governor promises to sign it. However, the vote was close and in the horse trading, there are provisions included that make it likely the opponents will try to put it to a voters' referendum in November. Not exactly a resounding victory, but progress. So there's that.

Meanwhile, in California a federal court judge ruled "the U.S. government's ban on same-sex marriage benefits unconstitutional." This brought the opponents crawling out from under their slimy rocks. Congressional GOPers are already appealing to the 9th Circuit, apparently as part of their larger strategy to enforce DOMA on us.

The story fails to mention the half milllion Boehner pledged to fight for DOMA. And you know it will cost much more than that by the time all these cases run through the courts. So where are the deficit concern trolls, one wonders? Oh wait. That's right. Spending is okay if it jibes with their agenda. Especially if it pisses off liberals.

What a world...

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