Sunday, February 12, 2012

The politics of violence

Admit I've been a bit disturbed about the violence being commited at Occupy protests lately. I've been worried this would nullify all the past good work done these many months by peaceful protesters who have kept this movement alive and relevant. Dan checks in today with a thoughtful post addressing the situation.

Count me in on the non-violent side. I don't believe anarchy accomplishes anything but creating chaos. The optics are terrible. Don't think it sways the casual observer in the general public who might be reached to the cause. Even to me, who's sympathetic to the cause, it looks like mere attention seeking with no discernable platform. It dilutes the message and taints any progress for positive change.

I've always been a pacifist and have long thought the anarchists of the day pretty nearly destroyed the peace movement in the 60s. It would be shame if the Black Bloc were allowed to co-opt this movement as well. I wish they would cut it out and use their energy for construction rather than destruction.

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