Monday, January 09, 2012

Thanks for the oppo Newt

This video will be making the rounds, and is well worth archiving everywhere. Newt Gingrich may be down in the polls, but he's got a bucket of money left and by Gawd, he's going to use it to mess Romney up. This trailer from a longer documentary purchased by Newt's SuperPAC could have produced by a Democratic oppo shop.

Some debate at the link over whether Josh rightly characterizes it as SwiftBoatian since technically, swift boating is based on lies and this video pretty much tells the truth. Leaving the semantics aside, I love it. Makes me hope Newt stays in the race for a very long time.

Addendum: Steve M. thinks this will help Willard more than it hurts him. Point well taken that the hard core base inexplicably and fiercely supports the capitalist vultures who are robbing them but not so sure this won't play well with the swing voters. Noticing even among the staunch conservatives that cross my radar, there are grumblings about too much money in politics and politicians who are bought off by the big money boys. It could work to Newt's benefit. And besides, what has he got to lose by trying?

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