Friday, January 06, 2012

GOP Debate preview: Number Too Many To Bear

I hesitate to link to this because I want Frothy Santorum to win. I can't think of an opponent I'd want more for the general. But since it's already out there, and I think he's right, here's Charles P. Pierce's predictions for the next episode of GOP Gladiators. I'm afraid he's right. There will be blood. We're heading into the apocalyptic phase on the story board.

But the other thing Charlie's post reminded me of was how damn lucrative the wingnut welfare system is. And so easy. 1: Memorize script. 2: Repeat script 3: Profit. Handsomely.

Reminds me of the time back in the dark ages of blogging when someone, maybe it was Jesse at Pandagon, organized a "blog like a right winger day." We spent the entire day just linking to each other on the same catch phrase. Nobody actually said anything of substance. I dare say not much has changed in the Wingtopians M.O. since then.

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