Friday, November 04, 2011

Sour gripes

North Carolina's "right to work" employers are pissed off that the Democratic National Convention is only contracting with union shops. Got a few words for the gripers. Free market, bitchez. Right to work is also right to hire whoever they damn well please. Good for them for sticking up for unions.

One guy who refused to enter a bid if he had to hire union labor complains:
Democrats “are trying their best to set North Carolina up to unionize it, but it will fail because unions are a dying establishment,” Webb complained. “Unions are nothing more than a social experiment.”
Right. A social experiment that was working really way too well in lifting the middle class and cutting into the profit margin of the owners, like this guy. No coincidence that working class wages have stagnated and declined in concert with the decline of unions.

Sorry to see the money go out of state. Lord knows this area needs the economic boost. Lot of people hurting out there, but it's worth it to keep it out of the hands of labor exploiters like Mr. Webb.

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