Friday, November 11, 2011

Rick Perry heading for the bright lights

Everyone has been having fun with Rick Perry's brain freeze at the last GOP debate. In case you were stuck on a deserted island with no internet access, this will surely be remembered for as long as there is an internet:

In my world they call those "senior moments." I suppose from this day forward many of us will be calling them "Rick Perry moments" instead.

Lot of speculation pondering if this spells the end of Perry's candidacy. That of course, presumes he ever had a viable shot at the nomination. Far as I can tell, his candidacy ended weeks ago. Which could also be said for most of the field.

So why don't they drop out, you ask? Silly readers. Running for president is the new audition for show biz. Perry rocks the house on Letterman last night. Check out his presentation on the Top Ten Rick Perry Excuses.

Most candidates appear to be aspiring for a pundit gig on Fox News. Clearly Perry isn't equipped for the punditry biz, but it looks like he has a bright future as a stand up comic.

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