Wednesday, November 02, 2011

In the court of public opinion

David Brooks doesn't stand a chance of being exonerated. Especially when Charles P. Pierce is the prosecutor:
I don't think it's too strident to demand at this point that David Brooks be hauled up before a jury consisting of everyone else in America and forced to defend himself against several million counts of being an insufferable twat in a public place. In today's episode of Missing the Point So I Don't Miss a Meal, Our Mr. Brooks informs us that he once again has placed us all under close inspection beneath his monocle and discovered that some of us are very angry, not because some thieves in nice suits pillaged the national economy and then held the scraps for ransom. Oh, no, that isn't it at all, and he's got some wholly arbitrary ad hoc sociological categories to prove it.
You know the drill. Read it all for yourself. And in case anyone is still wondering why I've developed such a mad crush on Mr. Pierce since he migrated over to Esquire, it's because he says what I think, but so much more eloquently. I'm still mulling over Pierce's take on the Oakland occupation:
It’s time for the country to realize that something is dangerously out of control here, and that it’s not a bunch of people in sleeping bags in the public parks. There is a tradition of public protest in this country. Hell, this country is itself an act of public protest. Preserve that, or preserve nothing else, because there’s nothing else worth preserving. Police officers are public servants. They are not soldiers, facing down enemies. This is not a war. This is America
.In case you somehow missed it, he's talking about this:

I don't think overkill is too strong a word to describe it.

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Blogger Rehctaw said...

Yet David Fucking Brooks still has a sweet paying turd-ball rolling gig and will be spewing his shilling centrism on the Sunday epistles to the pig people for walking around money?

Mr. Pierce is a bit late, but still welcome to the DFB vivisection genre over which Driftglass has so ably presided.

He owes Drifty, at minimum, a hat-tip. Nothing in Pierce's expose' is new to regular readers at

4:21:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

It's true. Driftglass is a pioneer in the genre. But to be fair, Charles just started this gig and Drifty is not the only one who has been spending years deconstructing Brooksie. And it can't be denied that Charles, late arrival that he may be, does it really well.

7:54:00 AM  

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