Friday, November 11, 2011

Cain in it to win it

Despite the best efforts of the Village Pundits to make it so, the reports of the death of Herman Cain's campaign continue to be greatly exaggerated. Sure his poll numbers are dropping but he's still the leading jokester in the clown car.

His base doesn't appear to care about the harassment charges. The question about it was booed down at the last debate. And think he's going to lose ground with these people for tapping into the Pelosi Derangement Syndrome? Hell, they cheered the "Princess Nancy" crack. In fact they thought it wasn't nasty enough.

Post debate, the fans gave Cain a rousing cheer at a campaign stop in the Tea Party enclaves of Michigan. And yeah, those folks love them some Anita Hill jokes.

And as the saying goes, follow the money. The campaign claims Cain's fundraising surged past $9 million with over a million in just one day. They did step back a notch though, and changed the imagery. Guess they realize you can take that unconventional schtick a little too far.

Meanwhile, I didn't find this Mike Tyson parody of Cain as funny as the entire rest of the world apparently did, but I've long maintained mockery only solidifies support in these circles.

No, I don't think Cain can win in the in the general election, and a year is a long time in politics, but so far nothing has convinced me that he can't win the GOP nomination. With due respect to Intrade, I'm still giving him 999-1 odds.

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