Monday, October 31, 2011

Herman Cain admits/denies sex harassment

I don't really care much about this big scoop on Cain's past sexual harassment. Unless it's going to lead to a wider discussion of harassment of women in the workplace in general, these scandals generally seem to end up hurting the victims more than the perps.

And I'm not gleefully anticipating this will end Cain's current winning streak either. I think it's more likely he'll end up using the alleged "harassment by the librul media" as a fundraising tool. Hell, it worked for Palin and Cain fans are the same kind of blind loyalists. Also people seem to forget, that the sort of folks that love Cain for his proud ignorance on important political issues generally think all women lie about harassment. Or make too big a deal out of some "good natured funning."

But all that being said, the internets do love a scandal, so the story is all the buzz today. Actually found Cain's presser on the harassment amusing in a sick sort of way.
He said his candidacy would not be stopped by the allegations. And he renewed his vow that he had not sexually harassed anyone and said no additional allegations would be discovered. If they are, he added, “I assure you people will simply make them up.”
You see what he did there with the pre-emptive denial and shifting the blame to the victims? He knows he can say anything right now and his fans will love him cause he's such a fun guy.
After an hour discussion about his tax plan, Mr. Cain paused before walking off the stage, saying, “By the way, folks, yes I am an unconventional candidate.”

“Yes, I do have a sense of humor. Some people have a problem with that,” Mr. Cain said. With a broad smile, he added: “Herman is going to stay Herman. Thank you very much.”
Apparently, this includes singing. No sure where that happened but the twitter machine lit up with snark in the last few minutes over it. I'm certain a hilarious youtube will surface soon. But for myself, the funniest part of the linked post was the correction at the end.

No spoilers. Go read it. A little Freudian slip in the spell checker. It made me laugh.

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