Thursday, September 01, 2011

Not a fight worth having

You no doubt heard about the brief and bizarre wrangling over Obama's jobs speech. The emo-progressives immediately launched into bitter snark when Obama ignored Boehner's dickish manners in refusing to grant the President's request and rescheduled the speech to the next day, as the Bonehead requested.

I understand the frustration on the left at yet another apparent cave to the GOPers. But good grief, it wasn't a fight worth having. Think about it for a minute. Sure Obama could have insisted on keeping his preferred date and made a big issue of it. But there's no doubt that Boehner would loved to have that fight and more importantly, the media would have backed Bonehead up on it. They didn't want to have the speech on the same night as the stupid GOP debate either.

The immediate media response was a subtle implication Obama was being the dick for stepping on the GOPers clown show. Then they launched into he said/ he said coverage, never mentioning Boehner lied his face off about speaking on behalf of a bi-partisan consensus. Barely mentioned the unprecedented nature of refusing a sitting President's request to address Congress. And the ever demented Sen. DeMint was panting to get into the news cycle by blocking a resolution to allow Obama to speak to the Senate.

If Obama engaged in this silly skirmish, the media would spend the next week repeating GOP memes and talking about the process instead of the issue, which is you know, jobs. It doesn't matter what day he gives it and chances are great, that nobody but us poli-junkies are even aware the fight happened. The majority of the electorate is off enjoying the last week of summer and not reading the news at all. Meanwhile, the media is now reporting about the content of Obama's speech. In the big picture, that's actually a greater victory.

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