Thursday, August 25, 2011

Every picture tells a story, don't it?

Politico flags a really stupid photo comparison making the rounds of wingnut venues. It shows a split screen image of Perry vs. Obama, allegedly at 22 years of age. Of course, as is so typical of wingnut memes, they don't even get the facts right. Obama is younger than 22 in that shot, but that's not really the point. Of the photo or this post.

A lot of people assuming the comparison is about Perry's military service versus Obama never having served. But that's not the dog whistle I heard when I first saw it. More like all that all-American white guy of the 50s versus the young, black hoodlum lurking just around the corner, who's going to break into your car and seduce your virginal daughter.

I do agree with everyone that it's a ridiculous photo that won't make any difference outside of amusing the Obama haters for a while. And it was only moments later that the left came up with more creative comparisons that might actually resonate with voters. Jamison Foser's edit was brilliant and is getting a lot of play on the blogs today. But I thought Delrayser's take off was even better.

Perry at 60 years old versus President Obama at 50. That's a comparison that resonates.

[Thanks to mistermix and Doug J for kindly linking in. Note that Jenny posted some other pictures at comments 3 and 4 on Doug's post that might be useful in the future for talented photoshoppers.]

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Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

Seems like every shot or video we see taken in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon,the Gaza or anywhere else we see the people we love to hate shooting guns in the air and whooping like demented idiots from Texas and screaming about God.

I think we see proof positive that Perry not only palls around with terrorists, he is one. They used the same teabrained attack on Clinton too and how many of us are as well off now as we were under Clinton when employment was so high McDonalds was offering dental benefits just to get people to work there.

Anyway, the Tea-Shits are famous for their grasp of history (not.)

Some of our best presidents and founding fathers had no military service and the lesson of history is "so f*cking what?" Lincoln had about two months service and Roosevelt had none - of course both were Commies, right?

Perry is hardly Eisenhower or Grant for that matter and would likely call Ike a Commie for insisting that we pay off the WW II debt before cutting taxes. Roosevelt? Don't even ask - he had nothing to do with winning WW II I'm sure and he started the Great Depression three years before he was elected. Never mind he was the most popular president in our history. No military service and you can't be trusted and you're probably a pansy.

Thomas Jefferson? John and John Quincy Adams? We've had 12 presidents with no military service and many more with only foot soldier rank and I'm damn tired of listening to the same old baby talk.

You don't have to be Joe the Plumber to know when someone or something is full of shit and it's time to flush the national toilet.

9:57:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Well said as always Fogg, and killer closing line.

10:49:00 AM  

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