Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CBS teams up with conservatives for 2012 campaign

This new collaboration sheds some light on why Mark Knoller has suddenly become a spokesmouth for GOP talking points. In an otherwise unremarkable piece about how the major media orgs are hiring young people -- read that work for less money -- to replace veteran campaign journalists, comes this bombshell of a media team up:
Ms. Kaplan and her new colleagues, part of a joint CBS-National Journal reporting team, said they had been thinking long and hard about the fact that what they say and do carries the imprimatur of their employer.

“I thought I’m going to have to develop a personality,” said Lindsey Boerma, 23, whose biggest assignment before writing for National Journal was as editor of the Pepperdine University student paper. “But we’re not providing commentary, we’re providing coverage. And you’ve got to find that line. I haven’t quite figured it out yet.”
On what planet would the National Journal be considered a neutral news organization? Or even a news org? They're the most prominent providers of right wing welfare for opinion writers in the US. Not that it will stop the hardcore cons from whining about the liberal media, but as far as I'm concerned, CBS just died as a news source today.

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