Friday, July 29, 2011

Screw centrism

Krugman is still scolding the media for their lazy "both sides do it" journalistic malpractice. Worth a read in full, but this graf echoes what I've been tweeting at the media guys I follow:
The answer, it turns out, is yes. And this is no laughing matter: The cult of balance has played an important role in bringing us to the edge of disaster. For when reporting on political disputes always implies that both sides are to blame, there is no penalty for extremism. Voters won’t punish you for outrageous behavior if all they ever hear is that both sides are at fault.
Exactly. It's not like any politician is completely innocent in the breakdown of our political process but they're normalizing extremism by pretending there is some sort of balance. It's not only wrong and lazy, it really is destroying civil society.

Meanwhile, no false equivalency for me. My con "fans" at DetNews have been reduced to nearly constant blithering about Weiner in lieu of any logical response to my flurry of posts.

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