Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shouting into the wind

This is why progressives can't have nice things. Most of the leading lights of the "professional left" are busy discussing exactly what strategy the idiots on Captiol Hill are going to use to one-up each other on the stupid debt ceiling fight today. Or they're bitching about how Obama is selling us out or mocking the crazy con hypocrisy of the day. But they ignored Rep. Jerrold Nadler's terrific public statement on the need for more spending and higher corporate taxes.

This was posted by Brent Bozel's lunatic wingnut media news center, so I'm not linking to his piece, but the only lefty I've seen even mention it is Steve M who rightly laments that the only ones focusing on proactive arguments for sane policy seem to be old people.

Maybe I'm just cranky today, but it seems young activists prefer to engage in battles that end only in rhetorical victories these days. Sadly, the concept of working to build up good ideas rather than wasting energy on tearing down bad ones appears to have gone out of style.

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