Sunday, July 31, 2011

GOP: Special Victims Unit

Been a while since I've linked to, or even watched a Jon Stewart segment. This one is especially good:

In case the video doesn't work in your browser, here's a direct link to the segment. And it being a Sunday, a few more easy links for your amusement.

The Tea Party held a rally in DC the other day to protest Boehner trying to pass a debt ceiling bill. Louie Gohmert addresses the crowd. I'd note that I saw a couple of different TV reports on this rally. None showed the crowd, nor mentioned its size.

This is a amateur video. It's a bit long at 4 minutes, but really well done. I lasted all the way through. You might like it too. "Legend of the Tea Party Patriots"

A couple of great photos. A plane flying in front of a rainbow. And awesome rainbow over the Empire State Building after some sideways rain.

Didn't watch this yet, but trust Hudsonette's RTs completely. Video report on Mongolia's wild horses.

Finally if you're a fan of Edward Hopper's work and I certainly am, you can page through one of Hopper's sketchbooks at the Whitney Museum website.

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