Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Poster Boy for a corrupted system of government

When Evan Bayh quit the Senate, he said he wanted to do something honorable, like teaching. Well, that lofty sentiment lasted about as long as the life cycle of a fruit fly. Looks like he's going to cash in on full time whoring for the Corporatocracy instead. Bayh's newest gig:
As iWatch News' Peter Stone reports, Bayh has signed on with one of the most corporate-friendly, anti-environment shops in all of Washington, DC: the US Chamber of Commerce. According to an internal memo penned by Chamber president Tom Donohue, Bayh, along with former Bush White House chief of staff Andy Card, are now part of the Chamber's anti-regulation messaging team, doing "speeches, events, and media appearances at local venues."
Add that to list of Bayh's other jobs:
The McGuire Woods law firm, which specializes in representing "national energy companies, foreign countries, international manufacturing companies, trade associations and local and national businesses.”

Apollo Management Group, a giant public-equity firm.

Fox News, as a contributor.
So alleged Democrat Bayh, who was a useless Dem in the Senate anyway, is joining a Bush administration alumnus to fight corporate oversight and work to thwart any reform of the utterly corrupt regulatory system that would protect consumers and might prevent future economic catastrophes. As Booman points out, this is why we can't have nice things. Once they hit that revolving door, party afiliation means nothing. They all sell us out.

[Thanks to Jon Perr from the fabulous Perrspectives for kindly linking in at Mike's Blog Round Up.]

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Blogger Batocchio said...

It's so utterly shocking, isn't it? Who could guess that a corporate shill in the Senate who go on to be a corporate shill in the private sector?

It's all depressingly common, but I think what grinds me down the most is the Beltway gasbags' unflagging admiration for assholes like Bayh. They don't talk ill of people in their club.

3:53:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Hey Batocchio. The media/Village adulation is the most depressing part. If we had a functioning media, these guys would pay an actual political price for this stuff.

6:58:00 AM  

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